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Gorilla Tattoo Paphos

Artistic excellence is at the core of everything we do. Each member of our team is a true professional, playing a crucial role in making Gorilla Tattoo Paphos the successful and reputable shop it is. Learn more on our About Us page!

tattoo artist nic el working with sterile equipment on girl with dark skin


We take safety and cleanliness extremely seriously at our premises. All the products we use for tattooing are pre-sterile, single-use, pre-wrapped, and individually packaged. All our artists are held to the highest standards regarding sterilization and follow Health & Safety Laboratory regulations.

full sleeve greek gods theme tattoos on men


We specialize in creating 1-on-1 custom designs that are unique and capture your ideas in the best possible way. We have a huge library of designs, flash, and high-resolution photographs for reference and inspiration. We cover most styles, including realistic, dotwork, fine line, script/lettering, old-school, illustrative, Japanese, Neo-traditional, blackwork, and more! Above all, we are all artists here; we can draw whatever ideas you have so your tattoo will genuinely be unique.



Book a time slot and come discuss your ideas with us. This session typically takes 10-20 minutes and is critical in preparing you for the tattoo session. To give you a general idea of how it will look, we will Photoshop the draft design onto your body.



This is the step where your ideas come to life: your artist will ensure that you get a unique piece that integrates a composition that flows perfectly together. Furthermore, for larger designs, we may bring you in before the inking appointment to show you the stencil and place it on your body. We’ll make sure you are 100% happy with everything.



Make sure you come prepared for the session: sleep well the night before, eat a nutrient-dense meal a few hours before the appointment and read this article on how to fully prepare for your appointment and feel free to ask us any questions before and during the session.

body piercing process with surgical, medical grade tools and needles on girl's nose


We do all types of piercings at the shop. Our piercer is Berlin certified, and we use sterile surgical-grade steel piercing equipment and single-use, pre-wrapped medical-grade cannula piercing needles. We only use pure titanium hypoallergenic jewelry.

detailed art of geisha in blog


On our site, we maintain an informative blog covering all aspects of tattooing and piercing. Moreover, you can find updates on our events, news, and more! We’re constantly adding new information so make sure to check it out!

merchandise t-shirts with printed tattoo designs


Limited edition organic cotton tees created by us. Get yours before they are gone forever! We also offer hand-painted airbrush clothing, made to order just for you!


various tattoos in different styles such as realistic, color, potrait, japanese, dotwork, mandala


The studio was exceptionally clean and there was extreme attention to detail in terms of hygiene which made the process feel very safe (the way it should be!). All the staff were super friendly and helpful.Rac 121

People stop me everywhere to ask me for my tattoos and I m so proud to say I got them done at this place!Nikolas887

I was in search of a place to get my first tatt for a while now, but I wasn't feeling the vibe from many places I visited. The guys at Gorilla went through the whole process with me, took their time to make sure the design was exactly what i wanted and I’m so over the moon with the result. Thank you so much!Kevin Terrel

Best tattoo shop in Paphos . Highly recommended!!Andreas christodoulides



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Democracy Ave 23, Paphos 8028, Cyprus

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