Tips and tricks to prepare your body and mind!

How to prepare for a tattoo before the session

  • The first step on how to prepare for a tattoo is to sleep well the night before.
  • Stay hydrated (drink lots of water) at least a few hours before and during the appointment.
  • Eat a high-protein breakfast or lunch and avoid junk food. This will give you energy and help the body gradually release the supportive nutrition and keep you feeling strong.
  • Bathe or shower before the appointment to relax your muscles and clean your body.
  • You can moisturize the area that will be inked days before the session. This will allow the needle to penetrate easier into your skin.
  • Drink coffee only if you have to, and no more than one cup. If possible avoid stimulants as they will make you feel over-alert and wired. This is the opposite of what you want. Above all, it’s best if you are super relaxed, in Zen zone! 
  • Alcohol thins the blood, avoid it. If you really have to, a beer or a glass of wine with lunch is generally okay.


If you stay healthy, your body will be able to put up with the additional strain.

During the tattooing process

* Avoid wearing tight clothing. This can restrict blood flow and ultimately make you feel uncomfortable. Prefer loose-fitting clothes.
* Feel free to bring your laptop, a book, headphones, phone, and whatever you think will keep you entertained. That applies especially to long sessions. We have power plugs in case you need to charge. However, make sure your cable is at least 2 meters long. Check out body art documentaries as some of them are so extreme that you’ll forget about your pain! It’s totally fine if you don’t bring any device with you, we always play nice relaxing music at the shop.
* If you are very concerned about pain, Tylenol is the recommended pain-killer. We don’t advise this. If you absolutely feel that you have to, then go ahead. Avoid aspirin and ibuprofen as they are blood thinners. As a result, bleeding will be destruction for the artist. We recommend bringing painkillers with you. If your pain threshold is very low, we can advise you on what to do on the spot. Additionally, for best tattoo results avoid numbing creams. Body art is not as painful as many people say, if your appointment is 4 hours or less, you will be absolutely fine without any medicine.
* Don’t be afraid to ask any questions, both the shop and your artist. We want you to be fully prepared and ready for your session.

* As soon as your skin art is finished, read and follow the aftercare instructions.

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