Prestige Magazine Pafos Feature 

Issue 74 // May 2022

Prestige magazine feature of Nic El and Gorilla Tattoo Paphos

Written by Lenia Tsadiotou

Nic – the well known tattoo artist and music producer!

Tattoo or body art, one thing is for sure: that Nic knows how to masterfully handle the needle and uniquely ‘decorate’ the human body! And to think that all this started as a joke between friends in London, where he lived! More than fifteen years have passed since then. Enough time for him to admit that he is simultaneously a musician and a tattoo artist and he manages both extremely well! Today he spends his time between Cyprus and abroad, where he is invited as a guest tattoo artist at international studios.

In the space of Gorilla Tattoo Paphos, where we chat, while drinking our coffee, a super bike is parked, more as a decor, as Nick himself explains to me. After a serious accident, where he remained in a coma and broke his arms and legs, he decided that the streets of Paphos are not suitable for such pleasures! The bike, however, blends nicely with the modern paintings and the tasteful minimal decoration. Nic himself has all the qualities of an artist, as evidenced by his achievements in the music industry and his wide recognition in the field of tattooing.

“Music and tattoos started almost at the same time for me from a young age. Although my family encouraged me and my brother to develop whatever talents we had, there came a time when pencils and markers were hidden from me because I tended to draw everywhere, on walls and furniture. My family comes from Kyrenia. Often at home, we heard grandparents and parents passionately talking and reminiscing about what they lived and left behind. These narratives strengthened my imagination by capturing these memories, in my own way, as graffiti on walls and surfaces. Tattooing just started as a joke with friends. The thing got serious until it became a passion. Fifteen years ago, tattoos were a bit ‘dark’ and not for everyone. There was a prejudice both for the tattooers and their clients. Let me remind you that the art of tattooing has existed for 6 thousand years. What changes are the techniques and materials. Personally, I talk to my clients, especially when it comes to young people, about their decisions, and I have often prevented them from doing something they would later regret. It is important that the tattoo is done in the right places, and for the right reasons. I advise them, many times, at the expense of my pocket… ”

A cosmopolitan tattoo studio

In Nick’s sought-after studio, one can meet people from all over the world, who come to Cyprus exclusively for his tattoos. “When you work on someone’s body for countless hours, in projects that may take years to complete, human, friendly and timeless relationships are built,” he says. In addition, Gorilla Tattoo Paphos is a meeting place for artists and displays contemporary works of art.

The music career

Nic maintains a production and recording studio, from which very remarkable works come out. He has already excelled in a solo career in electronic music, under the name Nick Elia. His decision to return to Cyprus was not easy in terms of adaptation. “I feel,” he says, “that I live another man’s life.” Different culture, different mentality, different habits. But the truth is that at the same time that top Cypriots honor Cyprus abroad, the homeland itself ‘eats’ its children!


Nick’s tattoo workshop, Gorilla Tattoo Paphos, at Democracy Ave 23, Paphos 8028, complies with all the rules of hygiene and safety.



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