All you need to know.

What to do

  • The most critical step on how to prepare for a piercing is to eat a nutrient-rich meal a few hours before the session,. Keep your blood sugar steady and drink lots of water.
  • If clothing will cover the jewelry, wear soft comfortable clothes.
  • Let the shop know if you have any medical conditions or allergies.
  • If at any point of the procedure you feel nauseous inform us immediately. Bring a chocolate bar with you, to have something to balance your sugar levels in case they drop. Be honest with us and do not hide any health condition or information that may affect the procedure.
  • Relax your muscles, close your eyes, focus on your happy place and stay still. You got this!

Read about the materials and techniques that we use. You are in the hands of professionals! We will walk you through the process to ensure you have a positive experience. If you have any questions, just ask!

What not to do

  • Do not consume alcohol the night before and the day of the session. Alcohol will thin the blood and may cause excessive bleeding.
  • Do not attend the session if you are ill, or feel weak. If you are not 100% healthy the healing time will be prolonged.
  • Do not panic during the session. Just practice deep breathing. The initial pain is sharp but very brief. It will only take 30 seconds.  It is not as painful as you might think. Furthermore, we use a numbing spray on the area!
  • Do not ignore our guide on how to prepare for a piercing.
body piercing process with surgical, medical grade tools and needles on girl's nose


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