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Creative and artistic body art in a friendly and ethereal environment!

Overall picture of the shop, comfortable, with a warm and relaxed atmosphere


Gorilla Tattoo Paphos is a professional tattoo shop and a great place to get inked by outstanding artists with years of international work experience on their backs. Additionally, we are an elite guest-artist-driven shop, bringing some of the finest tattooers from all over the world. It is a comfortable, friendly place with a warm and relaxed atmosphere. A combination of good vibes and top-notch work! We are active with online communication (social media, WhatsApp, Viber, email). Thus, if you are traveling to get inked by us, it’s easy to stay in touch with our staff or artists.

Inside the Gorilla Tattoo Paphos studio. Relaxed atmosphere with dim lights


The gorilla is an animal that associates with compassion, intelligence, dignity and honor. Therefore, here at our premises we strongly stand by those qualities. We believe in the pursuit of excellence by taking absolute pride in the tattoos that we create in our space. Whatever you have in mind, from a tiny design to a full body suit we will make sure that we discuss your idea in extreme detail before the actual tattoo process. Subsequently, we will create your design and photoshop it on your skin. Our aim is to ensure that you will be absolutely satisfied with the final result. We are passionate about body art and we want our Paphos tattoo studio to be a place for like-minded people to come together and share their stories.

Tattoo chair and area that we do custom work


We mainly focus on custom work and we cover most tattoo styles, such as black & grey, realistic, new-school, dot work, fine line, illustrative, Japanese, lettering, traditional/old-school, ornamental, colored, Chicano, and more!


We predominantly work on a booking basis. However, if we have any gaps in our schedule we certainly accept walk-ins. Try to let us know even right before you come. During certain hours we are super busy and we might not have enough time to see you. Very often, we work outside the official working hours of the shop to accommodate last-minute bookings or long appointments.


tattoo artist nic el tatttooing at gorilla tattoo paphos

Nic El

Owner & Tattoo Artist
tattoo artist natasha at work


Guest Tattoo Artist
Professional piercer Alina Rods at work

Alina Rods

Body PIercer


Guest Tattoo Artist
resident tattoo artist ziomik

Michael (Ziomik)

Tattoo Artist


Guest Tattoo Artist


Gorilla tattoo crew tshirts in 4 different colours

Tattoo Inspired Clothing

tattooed hand of ed hardy setting up a vintage tattoo gun

Best Tattoo Documentary Movies

body piercing process with surgical, medical grade tools and needles on girl's nose

How to prepare for a piercing

Relaxing and enjoying a warm drink as part of the preparation for the tattoo

How to prepare for a tattoo session

red and white official design for covid 19

Covid-19 Shop Update

Democracy Ave 23, Paphos 8028, Cyprus
Λεωφ. Δημοκρατίας 23, Πάφος 8028

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