Greek Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Greek and mythological tattoos are packed with rich symbolism and profound meanings. They are super dynamic and striking designs that flow perfectly on so many parts of the body! Let’s go through them on this list and see if there’s anything that matches your style! From large, realistic, and highly detailed sketches to minimal, small, and fine line designs! Don’t forget to keep an eye on this list as we’ll be updating it as frequently as possible with fresh content!

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Apollo is the god of music, dancing, prophecy and healing and an integral character in Greek mythology. He is the twin brother of Artemis and the son of Zeus and Leto. He is the embodiment of youth, beauty, and agility. He is a healer who has an impact on music, arts and education. His association with the Sun over time solidified his place among the most venerated of the Olympian gods. Even though Apollo wasn’t primarily a god of war he was feared for his ability to bring plague and illness with his arrows and known for his guidance and protection in times of war. Apollo is a great concept for tattoos, especially for those seeking something unique and distinct from the more common depictions of Poseidon and Zeus.


The goddess of love, Aphrodite needs no introduction. Born in Paphos, Cyprus, she’s a huge part of the island’s history and culture. Aphrodite has been a major muse for Western artists, inspiring iconic works like the Venus de Milo sculpture and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, celebrating female beauty.

Surrealistic design of Aphrodite Statue inside a butterfly. Original tattoo design, ideal for women tattoo ideas.
Futuristic concept based on Aphrodite's statue. This tattoo design shows Aphrodite's face as a robot, cyberpunk inspired. Orange light coming out of the lights and neck.
Surrealistic face of a modern Aphrodite, with a popping red old-school heart on the background. Clean design for anyone looking for interesting men or women tattoo ideas.
Detailed drawing of Aphrodite of Cyprus, with a minimalistic flower background.
Simple head sculpture of Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Traditional image, with an interesting red line on the background creating a modern aesthetic in combination with the all black background.

Many more designs and descriptions will be updated here soon!


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