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Nic El: Early Life, Graffiti, tattooing

Nic El’s passion for street art began when he started modifying spray nozzles and creating intricate graffiti murals on the city’s abandoned walls. By the age of 13, he was already taking commissions to graffiti his friends’ rooms, bars, and shops. He also used a sewing needle and pen ink to tattoo his classmates, even though at the time both graffiti and tattooing were considered criminal disorders and unacceptable forms of rebellion.


When he was 17, he moved to the UK and soon got his hands on a coil tattoo machine at a friend’s kitchen during an afterparty. His raw talent immediately made him one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in his London circles. He spent a lot of time hanging around his friends’ tattoo shops, learning from true masters and honing his craft. Eventually, he started working in various London shops and traveled the world with his art. Nic developed an obsession with ancient body art culture and history, which led to interviews with various international media seeking his specialized views on tattooing

tattoo artist nic el working with sterile equipment on girl with dark skin

Opening a tattoo shop in Paphos, Cyprus

In 2018 Nic El moved to Paphos, Cyprus where he opened his own tattoo parlor, Gorilla Tattoo Paphos, where he merged the tradition of tattoo arts with world-class modern standards to offer the ultimate experience: “This is my now my sanctuary, it’s a great atmosphere. I finally have a spacious space to display all the unique pieces I’ve been collecting from all corners of the planet. These works certainly celebrate world creativity. It’s not just a regular tattoo shop, it’s an art center! Tattooing is about building a deep connection between two people. Being able to understand who they are and tap into their emotions. This is the only way to give them a unique, custom piece. After all, they will carry it, hopefully with pride, for the rest of their life. We can offer that here!”

tattooer nic el sitting on an armchair at stylish gorilla tattoo paphos shop


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Democracy Ave 23, Paphos 8028, Cyprus
Λεωφ. Δημοκρατίας 23, Πάφος 8028

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